I have enough jewelry said no one. Ever.

Sparkle and shine with pieces that reflect your unique style.



Custom Design

We’re the only jeweler in Central Minnesota that can design and make your jewelry in-house—from start to finish. And our custom design services are completely free! Let our team of experts meticulously craft an heirloom-quality piece that reflects your unique story, personality and style.


CareFree Warranty

We offer an industry-leading warranty. If your diamond falls out, we'll replace it for free. If your ring breaks, we'll repair it for free. We promise that we'll take care of you and your jewelry for a lifetime.


Fair Pricing

We keep things simple by offering the best price on diamond jewelry right from the start. We just don't believe in using false markups and markdowns to make you think you're getting a good deal.


Diamonds Differently

We don't pre-purchase diamonds like most jewelers, which means you're not stuck choosing from in-store inventory. Instead, we shop our worldwide network of suppliers and "borrow" diamonds that are a good match for you. After you've chosen the one you like, we send the rest back.



Our staff are non-commissioned, which means you're not a sale to them—you're family. We're honored and humbled that you allow us to be part of your beautiful life...and grateful you're a part of our lives too.

Every Occasion