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Great question! Shopping for an engagement ring isn’t as overwhelming as you might think, and the process shouldn’t be stressful. We absolutely love educating people, guiding them through the process, and making sure they know all of their options! This is one of the few purchases you make that will last a lifetime, and we want it to be perfect.

To get started with your ring shopping, feel free to call us, send us a message on our website, or stop in to talk to us in person. Our friendly, non-commissioned team would love to learn your story and help you answer all of your questions.

Start by thinking about her/his style. Simple? Vintage? Organic? Contemporary? Splashy? Whatever style you are wanting, you’ll find a huge selection both in our store and on our website. If you’d rather browse some options yourself a bit first, consider spending some time researching engagement rings and diamonds on our website,, or snoop around her/his Pinterest boards for style inspiration. It can also be helpful to ask a close friend or family member of your soon-to-be fiancé for any input they have. We specialize in custom design and are the only retail jeweler in Central Minnesota completely in-house for the entire custom design process. No jeweler will work harder to make sure that your design is perfect in every way!

Consider which shape you prefer for the center diamond. At J. F. Kruse, we always discuss the center diamond separately from the ring itself. It is extremely important to us to be transparent, and we want you to know everything about the center diamond and the ring setting so that we can customize both to fit your specifications. Checking out options in our store or on our website is a great place to start.

Next, set a budget of what you’d like to spend. There is no one right price range for everyone, and it’s of utmost important to our non-commissioned team that we get you your dream ring within your price range. We offer 12-month interest-free financing, as well as layaway, and will work with you to make sure that you are completely comfortable.

When it’s forever, make it J. F. Kruse Jewelers. No other team will work harder to give you a world class experience and help you find the ring of your dreams.

Expect to have fun and enjoy yourself! At J. F. Kruse Jewelers, our team doesn’t work on commission, which means we are all about YOU. We want to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for within your budget, while educating you about all of your options, all in a stress-free, no pressure atmosphere. After getting you a beverage, our team will listen to you, answer all of your questions, and guide you through the process with professionalism and care. In addition, one of the things that makes our store different from most others is that we have three fantastic full-time goldsmiths right on-site. If you have a specific design in mind for your engagement ring, need a repair done quickly, or simply want your jewelry cleaned while you wait, you can speak directly to the person who will be working on your jewelry. Our team always strives to give you our best and exceed your expectations in every way.

First, let us put your mind at ease when we tell you that whatever style you choose for her/him will most likely be perfect, simply because YOU chose it. It sounds cliché, but it’s true! Don’t stress or overanalyze it, and merely trust yourself. 

To find the perfect style, start by looking at our website, ask our J. F. Kruse team for which styles are our favorites, or check out her/his social media or Pinterest page for rings that she has been saving or liking.  Or, consider coming into J. F. Kruse together and make ring shopping into a date night!  You can also purchase the center diamond you want her to have and present it to her in a simple, solitaire setting, then shop for the ring setting together after you’ve popped the question.  No matter what ring or diamond you select, you never have to worry about her not loving the design with our return and exchange policy.  If she wants a different style in the extremely rare event, we will take the ring back and work with you to find a ring that she loves.

Great question, and it depends upon what you choose! Here are a few things that will alter how much a ring can cost:

  1. Diamond Type: Natural, Enhanced, or Lab-grown
  2. Diamond Quality: cut grad, color, and clarity
  3. Diamond Carat Weight: How many diamonds and how large they are
  4. Precious Metal: 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, or Platinum

Want to see how purchasing a ring will fit into your budget? Check out our online budget calculator that can estimate your monthly payment and the cost of a ring. Whether your budget is $100 or $10,000, our entire team will work hard for you and help you find your perfect ring in your price range, all in a fun, no-pressure environment.

At J. F. Kruse Jewelers, we offer special financing for 6, 12, or 60 months that allows you to buy now and pay over time with approved credit through either Wells Fargo or Synchrony Bank. We also accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. We offer a 2% discount for paying in cash. You can even take advantage of our in-store layaway program and make payments until you are ready to pick up your ring. 

Whatever you need, we will work with you and help you to the best of our ability.

We practice fair pricing, which means that our pricing is always fair and honest. You won't ever find that rings are 25% off one month, the 30% off the next. We want you to buy when YOU are comfortable and not feel forced into a purchase.

At certain times of the year, we discount rings that we have had for a while, which allows you to get an even better deal. We are always upfront about costs - we don't mark things up to mark them down, and there are no hidden fees or one-day-only sales. We recommend following us on our social media channels for updates on all special promotions.

There isn’t a type of diamond that is better than another; it is all about what YOU want and fits your budget and lifestyle.

Natural diamonds are entirely made in the earth, and they are the rarest and most precious of the three diamond types we carry.  Most natural diamonds are billions of years old!  The most significant benefit: There are no special treatments to maintain your diamond, and you know you own a rare and incredibly precious gemstone.

Enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds that have been enhanced to improve their color or clarity grade.  The most significant benefit: You get a larger, natural diamond for a lower cost.

Lab-grown diamonds are genuine diamonds, not simulated diamonds.   They are chemically and optically the same as natural diamonds.  A lab-grown diamond compared with a genuine diamond is like a rose grown in a greenhouse versus finding a rose in the wild – it’s still a rose, just created through a different process.  The most significant benefit: You get a beautiful diamond at a lower cost.

There isn’t a type of diamond that is better than another; it is all about what YOU want and fits your budget and lifestyle. At J.F. Kruse jewelers, we do diamonds differently.​​​​​​​

  1. While selecting the perfect ring may seem like a daunting task, there are many ways to go about your search. Many couples choose to shop together and make it a date night, just to browse and talk about what they both like. Buying a ring is a very personal experience, so sharing the adventure can be very memorable and fun.
  3. You can also make it a complete surprise! Check her/his Pinterest list, phone a friend for input, and choose the ring by yourself.
  5. Lately, we have been seeing couples shopping together initially, then one of them will come in afterward to make the final choice.
  7. There is no right or wrong way to shop! The important thing is that you go about it in the way that is best for YOU. Our team is here to learn your story and do everything in our power to make your shopping experience fun, stress-free, and enjoyable.

The engagement ring shows the world that you are taken. Traditionally, the engagement ring has a larger diamond in it. This is the ring you present when you say, "Wil you marry me?" The wedding band shows that you are officially married and is typically worn next to the engagement ring. The wedding band is generally more subtle and accentuates the design of the engagement ring.

If you want to keep it a surprise, there ways we can get close to her exact finger size without her knowing!  Ask a friend or a family member who knows her well – chances are, she’s discussed her ring size with a sister or a girlfriend.


We can often get very close just by seeing a photo of her as well, so make sure you have a photo of her on your phone.


Finally, find a ring that you know she wears and trace the inside circumference on a piece of paper. 

With our CareFREE Lifetime Warranty, we size her ring-free for life at any time, so don’t stress about the size – we can always size it after you are engaged!  We just like to get as close as possible as chances are she won’t want to take the ring off once you present it to her.







Created completely by the Earth
The most rare and precious
No two are identical


Like a plant grown in a greenhouse
Chemically/visually equal to natural diamonds
Beautiful diamond at a lower cost


Treated to improve appearance
Larger natural diamond
Lower cost than natural diamonds