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Five Must-Have Jewelry Fashion Trends for 2019

January 9, 2019

Hello, 2019! With a new year comes resolutions, fresh starts, and trends.


Trends You’ll Want to Wear

This year, all the hype is on lustrous yellow gold, glamorous colored diamonds, sustainable lab-grown diamonds, finely crafted jewelry, and colorful, statement-making jewelry. Think stylish and trendy, yet timeless and classic. Typically, we see trends that are here today and gone tomorrow, but these trends are here to stay.


Get Your Fashion Jewelry at J.F. Kruse

When it comes to fashion jewelry, we want our customers to have quality pieces and look their best, which is why we offer a creative selection of affordable fashion jewelry. These trends couldn’t have been announced at a better time because we have a huge selection of fashion jewelry at clearance prices up to 60% off. This means you can get great value on quality fashion and accessory jewelry. To give you an idea of these trends, we had our jewelers put together must-have looks for 2019.


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1.) Lustrous Yellow Gold

Yellow gold will shine bright this year. From bold hoop earrings to statement necklaces and layered looks, this trend is a dream come true. Yellow gold jewelry will make you look stunningly trendy this year, while at the same time remain a timeless piece that you can wear for years to come. Yellow gold is a go-to for the classic, can-do-anything fashionistas.

Yellow gold will also be huge in engagement ring bands this year, and we’re loving it. That perfect combination of trendy and classic style is a highly coveted look by brides. So, if you’re thinking about an engagement ring this year, think yellow gold. To give you an idea of how beautiful a radiant yellow gold engagement ring looks, browse our selection.


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2.) Glamorous Colored Diamonds

Diamonds. Glamorous colors. What more could we ask for? This trend is going to be everywhere, and we agree. Diamonds have stood the test of time and we can’t think of a better way to freshen up your diamond jewelry look than with colored diamonds. Many of our collections feature colored diamonds from chain necklaces that can be layered to stud earrings.


3.) Sustainable Lab-grown Diamonds

Yet again, diamonds are trending, only these are sustainable, lab-grown ones. These diamonds don’t have the same environmental impact but are equal in every way to the ones created in the earth. We have a wide-selection of lab-grown diamonds in our store and our expert jewelers can easily explain to you your diamond options. We provide you with these options to give you more control over what matters most to you.


4.) Finely Crafted Jewelry

There is just something about classic beauty that is always admired, and this year, traditional, finely crafted jewelry is more than timeless, it’s trendy. The quality craftsmanship of fine jewelry adds a level of elegance and luxury that will have you feeling wonderful every day of the year.


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5.) Bold and Colorful Jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect accessory. It can dress up a basic outfit or add a pop of color and personality to any style, which makes statement jewelry the most versatile trend of the year. From big necklaces, layered accessories and colorful gemstones, each bold piece of jewelry will have you fashionably trending all year.



At J.F. Kruse, we have a quality and affordable selection of fashion jewelry, and don’t forget about our can’t-miss clearance right now with jewelry up to 60% off. Shop online or in-store to view our collections that will have you styling in no time.

These trends have us looking forward to the year, and as always, we can’t wait to help you sparkle in 2019. Bring on the goal setting and fashion jewelry wearing.



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