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Love-Inspired Gifts for Valentine’s Day

February 7, 2019

The perfect gifts come from the heart – and have a little sparkle, too.


At J.F. Kruse, we like to get right to the heart of the matter on Valentine’s Day – love. That’s also the reason why so many people stress over giving a gift that is a perfect representation of how they feel about their sweetheart.


We want to take that stress out and fill it with joy. That’s what it’s all about for us as jewelers; from our love-inspired gifts to our amazing customer service. We love to make our customers happy by listening to their needs, finding the perfect piece of jewelry, and helping to tell their story, one chapter at a time.


On Valentine’s Day, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart because they mean the most. Thought and care go into these types of gifts, which makes them priceless. So, here are some heartfelt gift ideas that will also add a little sparkle to your sweetheart.

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Personalized, Engraved Necklace


Engravable necklaces are a great option to give a beautiful gift with the added element of personalization – such as adding an anniversary date or initials to the necklace. This added touch is what makes it, undeniably, a love-inspired gift.

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Heart-Shaped Jewelry


When you give a bracelet with a heart charm or a heart pendant necklace, you don’t need to say another word. This universal symbol of love says everything spoken and unspoken.

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An Engagement Ring


Valentine’s Day is an exciting day to propose, and nothing is more love-inspiring than asking your sweetheart to be yours for a lifetime.


At our jewelry store, we offer in-house custom design. So, if you are still left searching for a Valentine’s Day gift, stop in and our expert jewelers can create exactly what you have in mind. J.F. Kruse has something for every relationship – whether it has only been six months or 60 years. We are honored to help tell your story no matter what


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