From Lover’s Leap: a J.F. Kruse Love Story

September 23, 2015

From Lover’s Leap: a J.F. Kruse Love Story


Every engagement comes with its own unique storyline. That’s part of the experience. Jeremy and Katie’s story, which began with J.F. Kruse Jewelers and ended on Lookout Mountain in Rock City, TN, is no different.


A Love Story - Part I

The J.F. Kruse Difference

A J.F Kruse Love Story

When Jeremy knew it was time to start looking for engagement rings, J.F. Kruse was an obvious choice for him, as he’d been recommended to visit the store based off friends’ experiences. “There is a difference at J.F. Kruse,” Jeremy says. “They have an outstanding reputation locally, and I like the whole ‘shop local’ aspect, and wanted to support that.”

He still did his due diligence when it came to ring shopping, however. “I bet it took two months before I found the ring I wanted for Katie. I looked everywhere, but just had this feeling of wanting to make the purchase back at J.F. Kruse. So I did. Each time I walked back into the store, everyone greeted me by name. The people there are great,” he said.

Did Katie have any idea Jeremy was shopping, or had she snuck him any ideas for inspiration? “I was clueless. He completely surprised me,” Katie said. Jeremy did narrow the engagement ring down to five options, and showed Katie’s mom and her best friend his final picks. “They told me what they liked, and thought Katie would like. Then I did the opposite,” he joked.


Part II: The Question

Somewhere in the Tennessee Mountains

Jeremy and Katie were co-workers before they were a couple. They’ve been together for about five years, and last summer, they went to Tennessee on a weeklong vacation. Katie created a travel log of each day’s adventures and sights on Facebook and toward the end of the week, surprised friends reading her feed with the news Jeremy had proposed. “Jeremy caught me totally off guard. When he said, will you marry me? I thought he was joking. I said, are you kidding me? I asked him if it was a joke. But then I said yes when I realized this was for real.”

The couple was hiking Lookout Mountain in Rock City, TN, just outside Chattanooga and had just crossed a swaying 180-foot bridge to Lover’s Leap a world famous lookout with the “See Seven States” panoramic view. As Katie took in the view, Jeremy took a knee. He had asked a fellow tourist to snap photos of the proposal with his phone to capture the moment.

“I know perfect is an overused word, but the proposal was pretty perfect,” Jeremy admitted.


Part III: Something All Her Own

Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something New

Jeremy and Katie will say I Do September 26 at the Traut Barn in Sartell, MN. On the never-ending list of things to do to prepare for the big day was visiting J.F. Kruse for wedding day jewelry. Both Jeremy and Katie chose their wedding bands, and Katie’s complements her engagement ring. “I was excited to meet everyone at J.F. Kruse based off of Jeremy’s experiences there and how comfortable he felt. They didn’t disappoint,” Katie said.

Katie was so impressed with the level of service, commitment, and quality J.F. Kruse offered them that she was inspired to do something quite remarkable in honor of her impending nuptials.

“I’ve had my grandpa’s gold wedding band for a few years, and have always wanted to wear it, but wasn’t sure what options I had. I also knew I wanted to include it on my wedding day,” Katie said. Enter J.F. Kruse.

Katie asked her grandma, Marian, how she felt about giving Katie her wedding ring, which she hadn’t worn in years, to combine with her late husband’s for a right hand ring for the bride-to-be. “I said, I want you to come meet J.F. Kruse with me, because I knew she was nervous about the idea. It’s something so special, so irreplaceable, I wanted to do it right,” Katie said.

Katie and her grandma met with Deanna at J.F. Kruse and together they chose a custom design and setting that combines both antique rings into one that Katie can cherish forever. “I can’t wait to see it on my hand. I’m so grateful to J.F. Kruse for the love they put into their work. This ring will be one of a kind, thanks to Deanna. What an incredible honor she’s giving me,” Katie said.


Congratulations to Jeremy and Katie on their engagement, and all our best for their wedding day and marriage. Thank you for letting us be part of your story. We’re honored. 



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