What to Do Before You Propose: 5 Easy Steps

September 8, 2015



If you’ve come this far in your quest for eternal love, then you likely know you’re about to pop the question. There is more to this stage however, that you might not even be aware of. In case you’re panicking at the thought of making sure you cover all your bases before you get down on one knee, we comprised a list for your reference. It’s awfully simple though, because that’s how we like it.



As mentioned, you’re probably already at this stage if you’re reading a jeweler’s blog about engagement! I just wanted you to begin your checklist with one you could easily cross off.

Considerations Before Proposing

Congratulations, by the way. That’s the hardest part. 



You’ve heard the saying, happy wife, happy life and even though she’s not your wife yet, the cliché stands. You should garner enough about what she wants for an engagement ring so when you come visit us, we can take you through the rest. This includes metals, cut, carat size, and setting. If all of that sounds overwhelming or unfamiliar, take deep breaths. We can help.



An article from Business Insider from a few years ago stated men spend an average of three months ring shopping. And, they look at an estimated 27 rings before making their ultimate purchase. So no, it’s not an event to take lightly, or breeze through without so much as a second thought. It’s good to know if you have a timeline, perhaps she has a birthday coming up, or you two have a vacation planned or a milestone to celebrate. Remember you won’t find and purchase the ring in a quick trip to the jeweler over your lunch break. Besides, you don’t want to rush the process.



As I mentioned in a previous blog, engagement rings aren’t cheap, on average. Maybe that’s why it takes most men three months to make the purchase. That’s totally fine. It’s totally expected. Buying an engagement ring is a major purchase, and with it comes major responsibility. Before you even step foot in a jeweler’s, have in mind some ballpark figure of what you’re willing and able to spend on an engagement ring. It doesn’t have to be a concrete figure that’s static, but you need to have one in order to begin the shopping experience. If you tell me, for example, that you’re in the area of a $5,000 budget, I won’t show you rings in the $10,000 range in order to “upsell” you or sway your decision. That’s not fair to either of us and not how we handle relationships at our store.



Again, this step comes with knowing your girl just a little bit. Maybe you’re totally going to surprise her when you get down on one knee. In that case, you’ll have to plan the entire thing yourself. Blank canvas! Maybe she’s been dropping hints here and there, and you’ve been subtly picking them up along the way to store for later. Does she want a public proposal with witnesses to record the ask? Would she prefer no limelight, instead having all the privacy in the world for you and her to share? Does she hope you’ll ask her father (or someone else close to her) for her hand? Would she love to be in her favorite places, or someplace new? Does she expect a grand gesture or a scavenger hunt? We live in a very creative, elaborate world and the possibilities for proposal are endless.


Five steps to take before getting engaged. Seems manageable, doesn’t it? It’ll be a day neither of you forget. We’d be honored to be part of your story. Come see us when you’re ready for that step. We wish you the best! 


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