Why J.F. Kruse Diamonds

May 26, 2015

Why J.F. Kruse Diamonds

Diamonds are as different as the women who wear them. At J.F. Kruse, we do diamonds differently. We know engagement rings are a lifelong investment, a staple in everyday life. That’s a big commitment and we’re honored to be part of our couples’ lives in such a meaningful way. That’s why we do diamonds differently.


Diamond Options Specific to You

DiamondOnce you’ve selected the setting you want, it’s time to talk about the diamond! That’s right. It’s a separate process aside from choosing the setting. We don’t pre-purchase our diamonds like most jewelers do. Instead, we have unique, personal relationships with several diamond cutters who possess beautiful stones. They allow us to keep their diamonds in the store, so when you’re ready to choose your center diamond, you have endless options to choose from.

Does that sound overwhelming? We promise it isn’t, because we work with you to initially establish your desires and budget when it comes to the diamond, and you’ll be presented with diamond options that fit your criteria, period. We focus separately on your diamond separately from your ring, keeping your goals in focus. Since we don’t own the diamonds, we don’t have a vested interest in selling you a diamond simply because we have it in stock. If you don’t find a diamond you love, the process isn’t over. We’ll work with our diamond cutters to get you a new selection of diamonds. The whole process is about you. We just love being part of it.


Til Death Us Part: A Promise of a Lifetime

The alternate anniversary gift for ten years is diamonds. The traditional gift for 50-year anniversaries is gold. So, no matter what events you and your spouse celebrate, J.F. Kruse has you covered. We are committed to standing behind you and your jewelry for a lifetime. That’s why we offer a free, industry-leading warranty called our CareFREE Warranty, which grants you protection against/covers:

  • Diamond-loss
  • Ring sizing
  • Diamond chips or breaks
  • Tightening of all diamonds & gemstones
  • Prong, bezel, and channel breakage & wear
  • Crown damage and wear
  • Bent, broken, and worn bands
  • Polishing and refinishing of all precious metals
  • Rhodium plating (for white gold)
  • Professional insurance appraisals with lifetime updates

We require complimentary check-ups of your jewelry every six months. As with any investment purchase, you’ll want the peace of mind your precious jewelry is inspected, cleaned, and maintained. At J.F. Kruse we complete all warranty work on-site by one of our experts so your jewelry never leaves our store – further peace of mind for you.

Regarding those anniversaries and marital milestones … your J.F. Kruse diamonds never lose their value. If you ever wish to upgrade your center diamond or the diamond earrings or necklace you purchased from us, simply trade them in. We’ll give you 100% of the initial price you paid toward another item of greater value. If your piece didn’t originate from us, you’re still welcome to join our family! We’d love to assess your jewelry to determine a competitive value for your trade.


Love the One You’re With

We believe people buy from people. That’s another reason why we do diamonds differently at J.F. Kruse. Our family is honored to be your family’s jeweler. We were founded in 2000 as a family-owned company with two generations of Kruse family leadership and dedication, who combined have over 50 years of jewelry industry experience. Our ‘why’ is making a difference in the lives in our customers. We execute that through our purpose of “Spirit, Story, Sparkle.”

  • Embody Spirit speaks to the caring and genuine approach of our family and the commitment to integrity and the Christian principles we were founded on.
  • Become Part of the Story
lends itself to the belief every person has a story and we’re honored to be part of each story through jewelry created or chosen.
  • <Be the Sparkle in the lives of each person we meet, no matter how brief the encounter and we strive to be fun, funky, and accessible.
  • We do diamonds differently at J.F. Kruse Jewelers. We do everything differently specifically with you and your family in mind. Come see what makes us so special … you’ll feel right at home.

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