Pros of Engagement Ring Shopping Together

June 8, 2015

Pros of Engagement Ring Shopping Together


Purchasing an engagement ring involves making a big decision. An engagement ring is a lifetime commitment to wear each and every day ‘til death do you part. Picking out an engagement ring is complicated, stressful, and many times, is a shot in the dark for your partner. Your future fiancé may have an idea of what you like, but actually finding the dream ring can be harder than you think.

So, when it comes to your significant other picking out the perfect ring, you have two options: have your significant other make the endeavor to purchase the engagement ring alone or accompany you. To help you decide, let me explain the pros of why engagement ring shopping together isn’t a bad thing.


1. You get to pick out the ring you will wear the rest of your life.


Your engagement ring is your piece of forever jewelry. It should be something you are proud to show off and something that fits your style and taste. There are small details that can be overlooked when purchasing an engagement ring that you may have an opinion on. Don’t miss the opportunity to pick out exactly what you want.


2. This can be a stepping stone in your relationship – it’s your first “big decision” you will make together. 


When you and your other half start engagement ring shopping, you know you are about to embark on a new journey in your lives. You know you’re on the same page and there’s reassurance that you’re both ready to take the next step in your relationship together. You get to go through the entire process together starting with engagement ring shopping.


3. Shopping together starts the communication process about budget.

Setting a realistic budget is a must when engagement ring shopping. The pricing spectrum is two extremes and knowing you and your significant other are on the same page makes the window shopping and purchasing much easier. Always having the mindset that you need to look at engagement rings in your budget will make the process go much smoother.


4. This will help relieve your special someone’s stress (slightly).

Let’s face it – when you’re significant other is starting to think about picking out the perfect engagement ring for you and planning a unforgettable proposal, stress sinks in… and it sinks in fast. Having your input on what you’re envisioning for the soon-to-be ring on your finger, the stress level goes down a bit. Having that pressure relieved can give your future fiancé a chance to focus on the next step: surprising you by getting down on one knee.


5. There can still be an element of surprise.

Just because you ring shop together doesn’t mean you know when or where or how your significant other will propose. Either way – shopping together or not, there’s still that element of surprise of the actual proposal. And when you do shop together, you know when he opens that ring box, you will say yes to the engagement ring you’ve always wanted.

Engagement ring shopping together may not be the “traditional” way of doing things, but nowadays, it’s quite common. At J.F. Kruse we see plenty of couples browsing at engagement rings together. Some are just casually looking for fun while others are more serious about making a purchase sooner rather than later. There’s no harm in looking. If you make the decision to shop together, you can ensure you get to wear the ring you’ve always wished for. 

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