5 Tips to Stay on Budget when Creating a Customized Engagement Ring

July 31, 2015

5 Tips to Stay on Budget when Creating a Customized Engagement Ring


When you hear the word “custom” the first thought that comes to mind is probably “expensive”. This is with anything in life. I have had customers say they’ve never considered creating a customized engagement ring because it sounds costly. But to be completely honest with you, a customized engagement ring can fit in your budget perfectly.


How to Stay on Budget

1. Choose the Right Diamond

The stone of an engagement ring is important. Really important. And it can account for up to 90 percent of the cost. When creating a customized engagement ring (and wanting to stay on budget), know the 4 C’s and pick and choose which are most important to you. To keep costs down, I suggest to not pick the best color or clarity. These two “C’s” are harder to detect than the other two “C’s” (cut and carat). With color, the price of colorless diamonds can be quite expensive. Choosing near colorless diamonds, however, can cut the cost and the visual difference is not substantial. Another factor to consider is clarity. Clarity refers to the flaws a diamond has. Are these flaws noticeable to the naked eye? Not so much. To cut costs, consider a lower clarity grade.


2. Weigh Your Metal Options

Firing_a_piece_of_metal_to_form_a_ringThe various metals used to create engagement rings range in price. Popular engagement ring metals include platinum, gold, and silver. Platinum is the most expensive and prestigious metal option for rings while gold is another popular metal that comes in a number of colors including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Silver is the least popular of the three as it is a softer metal that is more susceptible to scratching and other damage. Depending on your budget, different metals may be best.


3. Pick and Choose the Intricate Details

Complicated designs and intricate details can raise the price of a customized engagement ring quickly. Whether it’s special molding or engravings, adding these details takes time. With the added work, the cost will increase, and depending on the amount of labor needed, the price could increase dramatically. If intricate details are important to you and the overall engagement ring style you want, know how much it will cost by speaking with your jeweler and budgeting for it.


4. Add to a Current Design

When you create a customized engagement ring, you can either add to an existing engagement ring design or design a ring starting from scratch. Typically, adding to an existing ring is less expensive because some of the design is already done. If you find a ring you like but want to tweak it to fit your unique style, think about just adding your special touches to the ring to stay on budget.


5. Wait to Start the Process

If you truly want a customized ring but realize that you can’t afford exactly what you want, wait. Wait a few months to create the ring you want. This will allow you to save more money and include every element you want in the ring you want to customize.

Creating a customized engagement ring doesn’t have to be extremely expensive; at J.F. Kruse we offer a 12-month special financing option with approved credit so you don't have to worry about paying everything upfront. Custom design rings are the same cost as other rings, and we dont charge to do a custom design a ring, it's free. The only thing you lose is a bit of time; it takes four to six weeks for custom design, where as non-custom can be a few days to two weeks.

Depending on what you envision your engagement ring to look like, and the number of elements that go along with creating a customized engagement ring, you can create the ring of your dreams and stay on budget. 

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