Should You Create a Customized Engagement Ring?

July 27, 2015

Should You Create a Customized Engagement Ring?

Unique. Exclusive. Personalized. Timeless. These are just a few words that describe why a customized engagement ring is worth the time and effort to create. Many times people feel limited when they are shopping for an engagement ring and don’t feel that spark that they’ve found “the one”. Sometimes you find a ring and like some features but not others, or you can’t find a ring that fits your unique style at all. If you come to either of these roadblocks, it’s time to consider customizing an engagement ring.

There are two options when it comes to customizing an engagement ring. One is adding to or altering a ring already made. The second option is starting from scratch and building the ring you envision but can’t seem to find. Once you know which option is best for you, you’re ready to start the process of creating the ring of your dreams.

So, you now know you want a customized engagement ring and know whether you want to start from scratch or add to a current ring design, but what’s the process? What should you expect? Let me explain our process at J.F. Kruse


The Customized Engagement Ring Process with J.F. Kruse


  • Complete the Engagement Ring Design

Sketch_1-215337-editedWhen it comes to your engagement ring, maybe you know what you want or maybe you have no idea. No matter what boat you’re in, it’s OK. The first step in creating a customized engagement ring is to work with an experienced designer to bring your idea to life and help you figure out exactly what you want.


  • See the Engagement Ring

Once you have an idea of what you want created, the designer is able to create a digital image of what the final product will look like. This allows you to physically see an image of the ring and make any adjustments you feel necessary before the model is created.


  • Create a Model Engagement Ring

The model ring is made of wax and is a chance for you to see a physical model of the ring. It gives you a general look and feel of what your ring will be like that you can touch and try on. At this point in the process, you can provide us any additional input before the ring goes into final production.


  • Create the Engagement Ring

This stage is lengthy and includes a number of elements. The setting is created, the hand-selected diamond(s)/gemstone(s) are added, any engravings or designs are added, and the piece is polished. At the end of this stage, you will have the ring you always envisioned!


Quick Tips to Remember with a Customized Engagement Ring

  • Time: Customized engagement rings take time to create. Patience is key with this process. Typically, a ring takes three to four weeks to create but can take up to six weeks depending on difficulty. There’s no rushing this process, but I assure you the wait is worth it.
  • Money: Most of the time a customized engagement ring is quite affordable, but the price can add up depending on the elements you’re adding to the ring and the complexity of the ring. Be cautious when completing the design of your ring just to make sure you stay on budget.
  • Design Limitations: Occasionally designers may limit what you can do to alter their engagement ring design. Knowing this from the start is a must, so ask your jeweler just to be sure.


Customized engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s slightly altering a current design or starting from scratch, it’s a trend that I believe is here to stay. I hope knowing the process and tips to keep in mind with a customized engagement ring will help you as you decide if the process is right for you as you search for a ring as unique as the love of your life.

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