The Ultimate Guide to Diamond Shapes and Sizes

August 26, 2015

Woman_wearing_an_engagement_ringThe Ultimate Guide to Diamond Shapes and Sizes


For centuries, diamond engagement rings have captured the attention of many with their sparkle, intricate details, and breath-taking charm. With their durability and rarity, it’s no surprise diamonds are a popular option for engagement rings. As a matter of fact, when men get down on one knee to ask for the love of their life's hand in marriage, 80 percent of the time a diamond ring is waiting in the jewelry box.

When it comes time to find “the one”, there are a number of things to consider. The shape of the diamond and it's size are two major factors that define the look and personality of every engagement ring. Trends come and go, while some shapes are timeless; but it all comes down to personal preference. Below you'll find five of the most popular diamond shapes and some advice for choosing the sie of your diamond. 


Top Five Diamond Shapes



Also known as the “brilliant cut”, this is the most popular diamond shape. Out of all the diamond shapes sold, 70 percent are round. This symmetrically balanced shape captures light unlike any other shape and appeals to those that want a versatile, timeless look.



With a square cut, this remains the most popular “fancy” diamond shape. Like round diamonds, princess cut are popular for their flexibility in working with almost any style of ring. 


Occasionally known as the “pillow cut”, the cushion shape combines square cut with rounded corners. The standards for cushion cut vary more than most other shapes (typically one of three basic pavilion facet patterns) giving you options and allowing your personal taste to more directly guide the cut of your diamond.



The emerald cut features a rectangle outline and a large open table (flat surface) with step facets. Unlike the sparkle of round, princess, or cushion, the emerald shape creates a hall-of-mirrors effect that draws your eye into the depths of the stone.




This modified square shape falls between cushion and princess options. In terms of optical performance, radiant cuts present a series of concentric circles radiating from the center of the diamond.



Popular Diamond Sizes

Diamond size, or weight, is measured in carats - not the surface dimensions of the diamond. Unfortunately, I can't provide you with the top 5 most common diamond weight, because there is no standard. As an overall average, most people tend to go with a half carat diamond, but the weight of the diamond truly depends on personal preference and budget. As you might expect, as the carat weight increases, price follows.

My best advice when it comes to the size of your diamond is to consider your budget before you start shopping around. This way, jewelers can guide you to rings that fall within your price range, while also meeting your preferred surface dimensions of the main diamond. 


I hope this article gives you the information you were looking for, and helps you narrow down your options as you continue your search for the perfect engagement ring. If you want a full list of diamond shapes along with an easy-to-use engagement ring guide and checklist, take a peek at this resource we created.

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