Paying for Your Engagement Ring: Things to Consider

August 12, 2015

Paying for Your Engagement Ring: Things to Consider


Let me first start out by stating most engagement rings are not cheap. I know this, and you probably know this. If you don’t, to put an idea in your head, the average cost of an engagement ring today is close to $6,000. Knowing this can make purchasing an engagement ring seem overwhelming.

At J.F. Kruse, I find a number of people who come into the store believe they can’t have the ring of their dreams because of the price. Sometimes this is true, but other times, the engagement rings people find are quite affordable without them even realizing it.

How is this possible? Because at J.F. Kruse, we believe price should not be something that limits you. We offer our customers a fair pricing policy as well as financing options to make the big purchase easier. Below I explain each in more detail as well as explain our fantastic warranty option.


Fair Pricing Policy

At J.F. Kruse, we have a fair pricing policy put in place because we’re honest, up-front people who aren’t here to fool anyone. I am proud to say our company stands by our policy of offering you our best price from the beginning; no mark-ups or mark-downs. We don’t like to complicate things or try to pry more money out of your pockets. I can say we are straightforward people who truly want the best for our customers. We don’t price anything in our store higher than its value because that’s not fair to our potential, current, or future customers. The price you see is what our pieces are worth. It’s that simple.


Financing Options with J.F. Kruse

Person-calculatingThere are a number of online resources to provide you with ideas on how you can finance your engagement ring. At J.F Kruse, we provide in-store financing and create a plan that works for you.  Our special financing with approved crefit from Wells Fargo Financial National Bank is a “buy now pay later” special that I am pleased we are able offer customers at our store. All you have to do is fill out our credit application. I am all about making people’s fairytale wedding dreams come true and that magical story starts with finding the perfect engagement ring. To be a part of such a special moment in couples’ lives is something I truly value. J.F. Kruse is a jeweler that is here to help you find and buy the perfect engagement ring.



Let me preface this by saying: warranty is worth it. Most jewelry stores offer some sort of warranty options with jewelry purchases. In my opinion, every piece of jewelry should have warranty, and this is especially true when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring. This is why J.F. Kruse offers a free lifetime warranty on items purchased from our store.

An engagement ring is a major purchase and is a piece of jewelry meant to last a lifetime. Jewelry, however, is fragile. By having a warranty on your special ring, you will be able to take care of it whenever you need to in the future. When you purchase a ring at J.F. Kruse, you receive a free lifetime warranty on diamond-loss; ring sizing; diamond chips or breaks; bent, broken, or worn bands; and more. By having this free warranty, your ring will look like new from the moment you say “I do”.

Thinking about the money situation when buying an engagement ring is scary … stressful … confusing. But I am honored to work at a company that offers people the chance to afford what they may think they can’t when it comes to making a life changing purchase. Taking the time to discuss financing and warranty options is a must when thinking about or actually purchasing an engagement ring. The jewelers at J.F. Kruse are here to assist you in any way we can along your journey to the big proposal.

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