5 Male Wedding Ring Trends to Keep on Your Radar

August 11, 2015

Male_and_female_wedding_rings5 Male Wedding Ring Trends to Keep on Your Radar


It happened. The moment you’ve been dreaming of since you knew you found “the one”. The love of your life popped the question, and you said “yes”. This will forever be a magical moment in both of your lives. Now, the wedding planning begins.

One of the many to-do items on your wedding planning checklist will be to pick out the ring you will place on your man’s finger; the ring that will be a symbol of your eternal love, fidelity, and commitment to one another. It will serve as a daily reminder of the promise you will make to each other the day of your wedding.

So today I want to share five of the male wedding ring trends we’ve been seeing, which you may want to consider as you and your fiancé begin the search for his wedding band.


Top Male Wedding Ring Trends


Black Tungsten

A few year ago, you would have seen few men wearing black wedding bands. Today, however, this wedding band option is very popular and there is a large selection of black wedding bands to choose from. The Black Tungsten style is modern, edgy, and different. Another bonus? They are usually more affordable than platinum or gold rings because the metal used is tungsten, palladium or carbon fiber.Black_Tungsten



Mixed Metals

Mixed metals is a trend we are seeing in both male and female wedding rings. This is another modern look and gives male wedding bands a touch of uniqueness. Mixed metal bands feature two or more contrasting precious metals and can include: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. The vast variety of metal combinations allows your fiancé to mix and match metals to meet his taste.




A Hint of Diamond

Oh, diamonds. These dazzling stones are known to be on the wish list of many women, but much less so with men – until recently. Unlike women’s diamond engagement rings, men typically go for a subtler, masculine look with a hint of small diamonds (usually less than a full carat) that lay flush in their wedding bands.




Hammered Finish

Hammered finish male wedding bands are perfect for a man who likes a rustic, artisan feel. It’s a mix of antique and contemporary styles with added visual interest to an otherwise plain metal ring. With this ring option, there is variation in how “texturized” the ring looks, as well as what type of finish is on the ring.




Grooved Sections

If your man is more traditional but wants a little contrast in his ring’s design, consider looking at grooved wedding bands. This look can be achieved using a variety of metals, and the grooves can be placed in a number of ways to suit your fiancé’s taste. This style allows the wedding band to remain fairly simple, but the grooved sections add an unconventional twist.



The best way to get a sense of your fiancé’s style is to begin trying rings on, and narrowing down your options by identifying what he does and does not like. Whether you follow the trends or not, it is important to put the ring on his finger before purchasing it. Make sure it is something he will be able to wear every day, forever.

I hope these trends will help you and your future husband as you begin looking for his wedding band. To continue browsing male wedding bands click here.

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